Hilton Key Largo Resort


Project Size: ~260,000 square feet

Scope of Work: The Hilton Resort Hotel in Key Largo Florida was to undergo a complete renovation to modernize the lobby, restaurants, conference rooms, back of house and all the rooms with all new finishes and decor. Gensler required a complete Revit model of the entire resort including the pool and bar area next to the resort. Included in the Revit model was to also add MEP devices and fixtures including lighting and fire suppression. Also, interior/exterior scanning and registering needed to take place over a two week span as to not interfere with guests and staff, and a progress model needed to be submitted each week.

Deliverable: A fully completed Revit model at LOD of 300 was developed and included all architectural and structural elements, along with all the MEP devices and fixtures. The entire model was completed 2-3 months after all the scanning and registering was completed.