Hard Rock Hotel (Carbide and Carbon Building) – Chicago


Project Size: ~82,000 square feet

Scope of Work: DDS was contracted to provide point cloud data of areas and rooms of the Hard Rock Hotel that were to undergo renovations. Booth Hansen developed a general Revit model based on acquired PDFs and CAD, and DDS then incorporated the scan data and point clouds into Booth Hansen’s model to verify and confirm their existing conditions. Once the architectural verification based on the scan data was completed DDS used that same scan data to locate and add all the MEP and lighting devices and fixtures.

Deliverable: DDS obtained a Revit model form Booth Hansen to verify/modify all existing conditions, both architectural as well as MEP, which took about 4-5 weeks and 1 week of scanning and registering. Once the Revit model matched the scan data, DDS resubmitted the final as-built model to Booth Hansen for final review.