Heathman Hotel


Project Size: ~68,000 square feet

Scope of Work: The Historic Heathman Hotel, located in downtown Portland, reflects a modernized baroque style and elements of Art Deco on the interior, which made the hotel very ornamental and decorative. AJAX needed scan data of guest rooms on typical floors of the hotel along with the first floor lobby and second floor conference rooms and admin offices. MEP devices and Light fixture documentation was also required by AJAX for renovating the interior spaces and making sure certain rooms meet ADA requirement.

Deliverable: AJAX received the completed and registered scans of the Heathman along with all the point clouds. Also, a full and complete Revit model of the entire hotel was developed based on the point cloud and the scan data that included the exterior façade, all the guest rooms, public spaces, and back of house stair wells and elevator shafts.  Furthermore, the scan locations were also indicated in model and PDFs of all the floor plans showing flooring type and room labels.