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What is Photogrammetry?


Ever heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Turns out, it is worth much more than that. Photogrammetry is a process that uses photographs to take measurements. By combining 2D photographs with geometry, photogrammetry can generate a 3D model, map, or drawing. This development has proven helpful in countless industries including architecture, engineering, geology, forensics, and many more.

In the past, the measurements collected by using photogrammetry were recorded manually by using references and perspective principles. This process was time consuming and not always accurate. Currently, the use of special software through photogrammetry is used to calculate and quantify the measurements collected.

What Is Photogrammetry Used For?

Photogrammetry has proven helpful for a wide range of purposes and it continues to do so. Here are just a few ways photogrammetry has made a demanding task more manageable:

  • 3D Replication of Large Structures – Creating a 3D replication of a large structure or building is not an easy assignment. Photogrammetry is useful to the AEC industry in this way. By capturing detailed and accurate measurements, a 3D model can easily be created to show a large building to scale.
  • VR and AR– Both virtual reality and augmented reality are based on real life environments or situations. Photogrammetry allows designers to document existing conditions so that they can incorporate them into the enhancements they make. Being able to capture an accurate depiction of an existing reality allows VR and AR technology to appear realistic and authentic to users.
  • Aerial Mapping– Aerial mapping can now be done with the use of drones. These aircrafts, also known as UAVs allow access to locations that would have been hard to access in the past. The imagery created here can be used with photogrammetry to create maps or for geological interpretation.

How to Collect Photogrammetry Data?

While there are multiple resources for gathering photogrammetry data, there is one source that has proven the most valuable. Photogrammetry data picked up by high definition scanners produces high resolution and detailed results. With high-definition scanners, a virtual replication will be created to scale. The scan will also capture complex textures and object geometry.

Tasks that are seemingly impossible and that used to require hours of hard-work and expensive resources are becoming a thing of the past. Technology continues to simplify our lives by finding new ways to complete our same jobs with fewer hours and less money. Photogrammetry has done this for many and can do the same for you. At Deep Design Studio, we can help get you started today when you call 1-888-585-5568.

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